María Beatriz Espinosa, Ph.D.


María Beatriz Espinosa, Ph.D.
Mar a Beatriz Espinosa
Faculty of Agronomy
Institute for Biosciences and Environmental Research
Av. San Martin 4453
C1417DSQ - Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
(54) 11 4524-8000 ext. 8061
[email protected]
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Eduardo G. Lapetina, Ph.D.


The main goal of our research is to study the induction and / or disruption of the apoptotic mechanism during the embryonic development and their interaction with the ambient. The harmful effects caused by exposure to environmental pollutants may be produced through the apoptotic pathway. The presence of drugs in tap water and many water resources has become an issue of concern in all countries, especially its environmental impact on human health. Drugs, such as NSAIDs and antibiotics, are also apoptosis inducing substances. The development of multicellular organisms needs a delicate balance between apoptosis and mitosis. If that balance is disturbed, the organism may be severely affected. The fate of the tissues involved may change and even develop cancer. One of the main questions that want to answer is what is the impact of chronic exposure to mixtures of drugs, even in low concentrations, that are found in drinking water. To answer these questions, we have to use zebrafish as model because has a developing embryo exposed to the water. The genetic pathway related to apoptosis and its regulation is well conserved between vertebrates, whereby it is possible to infer what occurs in mammals and humans using zebrafish as model.

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