Action Alerts


Action Alerts
Serum in the hospital, doctor on the background.
ENDING: 6/1/22

Urge Congress to Prioritize the Fight Against Superbugs

We need you to help make sure that urgently needed policies to reinvigorate antibiotic innovation are also enacted.

Pill bottles
ENDING: 5/21/22

Ask Congress to Expand Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Urge Congress to pass the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act (MAT Act) to expand access to lifesaving care for Americans with opioid use disorder.

A huge school of sardines, packed together. Scientists call these behavior "bait ball". The fishes stay together to escape the attack of predators like sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures.
ENDING: 6/17/22

Urge Congress To Support Reducing Harmful Fisheries Subsidies

Help us achieve a significant win for our oceans and sustainable fishing by supporting the adoption of a strong, binding treaty to reduce harmful fisheries subsidies.

ENDING: 8/1/22

Presidential Budget Highlights Need for PASTEUR Act

The recently released fiscal year 2023 president’s budget calls on Congress to pass meaningful legislation to spur urgently needed antibiotic development.

Wildlife animals crossing bridge
ENDING: 9/30/22

Urge Your Representatives to Co-Sponsor the Tribal Wildlife Corridors Act

Ask your senators to co-sponsor the Tribal Wildlife Corridors Act, which authorizes Native American tribes to nominate wildlife migration corridors on their lands and provides federal funding.

Take action to support Castner Range National Monument
ENDING: 12/1/22

Urge President Biden to Designate Castner Range National Monument

Join the local community in supporting a national monument

Mother giving sick daughter medicine.
ENDING: 12/20/22

Amid COVID-19, Antibiotic Resistance Remains an Urgent Threat

Help protect the health of all Americans by co-sponsoring this important piece of legislation to strengthen America’s antibiotic drug pipeline.

Woman taking supplements/vitamins and a glass of water
ENDING: 1/3/23

Urge Congress to Support the Dietary Supplement Listing Act

Ask your members of Congress to support legislation to require manufacturers to disclose the supplements they make, and their ingredients.

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