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Swimming turtle
ENDING: 7/1/19

Ask the Pacific Council to Protect Sea Turtles Whales and Dolphins

You can help protect whales, dolphins, and sea turtles from becoming entangled in drift gillnets, currently the primary method of fishing for swordfish off California. Add your voice and ask fishery managers to authorize deep-set buoy gear.

Goal: 10,000 emails
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Chub Mackerel
ENDING: 1/15/19

Protect Chub Mackerel in the Mid-Atlantic!

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is finalizing its policy for setting chub mackerel catch limits. The Council needs to hear from people who care about the ocean ecosystem.

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ENDING: 2/20/20

Urge Congress to Support the Fight Against Superbugs

Tackling antibiotic resistance on a national scale requires collaboration across all federal health agencies. However, meaningful progress will be compromised if these agencies do not have adequate funding to implement them.

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ENDING: 6/10/19

Thank Congress for Protecting 20000 Acres of Tennessee Wilderness

Thank Senators Lamar Alexander and Representative Phil Roe for their commitment to protecting wilderness in Tennessee.

Goal: 200 emails
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