Action Alerts


Action Alerts
ENDING: 12/30/22

Urge Congress To Finish The Job And Enact Legislation To Protect Sea Turtles, Whales, And Dolphins

With only a few working days left in the year, Congress can act now to end the use of large-mesh drift gillnets that cause undue harm to sensitive marine wildlife on the West Coast.

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ENDING: 12/31/22

Take Action To Protect California Public Lands And Rivers This Year

Urge Senators Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein to secure passage for legislation to protect public lands and rivers in California.

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ENDING: 1/3/23

Urge Congress to Support the Dietary Supplement Listing Act

Ask your members of Congress to support legislation to require manufacturers to disclose the supplements they make, and their ingredients.

Evening light catches the Elk Mountains rising above the Thompson Divide.
ENDING: 1/16/23

Urge the BLM to protect the Thompson Divide in Colorado

For more than a decade, local communities have advocated for safeguarding the White River and Gunnison National Forests in Colorado from industrial development.

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ENDING: 1/23/23

Thank President Biden for Designating America’s Newest National Monument

For more than a decade, local communities have advocated to safeguard cherished public lands in Camp Hale and the Continental Divide, the Thompson Divide, the San Juan Mountains, and Curecanti National Recreation Area.

Nashville flooding
ENDING: 2/1/23

Support the National Climate Adaptation and Resilience Strategy Act

The bipartisan National Climate Adaptation and Resilience Strategy Act offers a sensible solution to establish a coordinated, national disaster preparedness strategy that saves lives and taxpayer dollars.

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