State lawmakers play a major role in advancing the quality of Americans’ lives, from helping to protect the air we breathe and water we drink, to educating our children.  By researching emerging topics and developing 50-state comparisons, Pew identifies innovative approaches states are using to help solve complex challenges.  Pew also conducts extensive research and analysis to understand how states can better serve the public, and we work with states to develop data-driven, pragmatic solutions to issues such as dental health, the growing costs of incarceration, the need for cost-effective public pensions, and making voting more accurate, convenient, and secure.

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  • Improving Criminal Justice ‘Benefits All of Us’

    Pat Nolan is a leading voice in the national criminal justice reform movement. The former Republican member of the California State Assembly served 29 months in federal custody for racketeering during the 1990s, and after his release he got involved in efforts to make sentencing and corrections policies more effective. He directs the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative... Read More

  • Dental Therapy Timeline

    More than 63 million people in the United States live in areas with dentist shortages. Dentaltherapy is a proven solution that has helped increase access to care. Dental therapists aremidlevel providers who deliver preventive and routine restorative treatment at schools, nursinghomes, and veterans homes to people who would otherwise struggle to get access to care. Read More

  • Utah Adds Long-Term Budgeting to Its Planning Strategies

    A new law in Utah will strengthen state efforts to ensure fiscal stability. The measure creates new requirements to identify and manage the effects of potential economic and policy changes on long-term spending and revenue. Read More

Can Public Policy Be Inventive?

Our Sue Urahn shares the latest facts and examples from across the U.S. in Trend magazine. 

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Pew applies a rigorous, analytical approach to improve public policy, inform the public, and invigorate civic life.

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