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  • Listening for Narwhal

    Riding over rough sea ice on the back of a snowmobile in near-whiteout conditions, it was hard to imagine that the area would be ice-free in only a few short weeks. Spring on north Baffin Island meant that I was setting out to do narwhal research wearing three layers plus my winter parka. Our three-member team left the community of Pond Inlet and traveled south into Milne Inlet, a summering area... Read More

  • Consumer Overdraft Concerns Highlight Need for Reform

    While overdraft fees are currently an issue only for checking account customers, prepaid card customers may soon be subject to similar charges unless the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau intervenes. Read More

  • Western Voters Favor Protecting the Greater Sage-Grouse

    A solid majority of voters in Colorado, Montana, Oregon, and Nevada believe that protecting the greater sage-grouse is an important part of preserving their Western way of life, according to a new bipartisan poll conducted by Benenson Strategy Group and Public Opinion Strategies.  The survey was commissioned by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Read More

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