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  • Patterns of a Predator

    Experts have long thought that sharks roamed entire oceans without a place to call home, but a recent global study scientific review challenges that entrenched notion. The analysis, published in January 2015 in the annual review of Marine Science, reveals that sharks live their lives in geographic patterns and that observing the order of their behaviors can help tailor effective protections for... Read More

  • A 21st-Century Cure for Prescription Drug Abuse

    This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a markup on the 21st Century Cures Act, legislation designed to speed the discovery, development, and delivery of lifesaving drugs and devices. As part of this proposal, legislators included provisions that can help address America’s prescription drug abuse epidemic. Read More

  • Denver Pilot Project Offers a Learning Opportunity for Election Officials

    The Denver Elections Division offered officials from around the country a rare opportunity to observe innovative voting technology and processes in action during an election. The pilot project, held during the May 5, 2015, municipal election, allowed observers to try new voting equipment, watch voters use the machines, and tour the ballot processing and tabulating center. Read More

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