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  • Protecting Patients from Harm: Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicare

    For 50 years, Medicare has helped ensure that senior citizens and those with disabilities have access to high-quality health care in the United States. Many Medicare recipients suffer from painful chronic conditions, such as arthritis, while others have experienced falls or surgeries. Most if not all of these patients look to their health care providers for pain relief. Read More

  • Inefficient Medicaid Spending for Dental Care

    Medicaid marks its 50th anniversary at the end of July. But for many of the approximately 70 million adults and children relying on the program, Medicaid coverage does not translate into being able to get oral health care. Medicaid resources could be spent more efficiently and health outcomes would improve if patients received dental care when they needed it. Read More

  • State Spending on Medicaid

    Medicaid, the largest health insurance program in the United States and the primary safety-net insurer for many of the most vulnerable Americans, turns 50 on July 30. This milestone comes amid the biggest change in Medicaid since its inception because of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).Last summer, the State Health Care Spending Project, a collaboration between The Pew... Read More

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