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ENDING: 12/31/18

Urge Congress to Defend National Monuments!

Please ask your members of Congress to take a stand for these cherished public landscapes and seascapes, and the bedrock conservation law that made their protection possible.

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ENDING: 12/17/18

Congress Is Standing Up for Sea Turtles, Whales, and Dolphins

The Driftnet Modernization and Bycatch Reduction Act would end the use of large-mesh drift gillnets and provide funding for fishermen to make the transition to less harmful fishing gear.

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Baby turtle
ENDING: 12/17/18

California Can Do Better Than Drift Gillnets

California is the last state in the U.S. that allows fishermen to use harmful drift gillnets to target swordfish. Members of our State Legislature have the opportunity to change this.

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Action Alert
ENDING: 9/1/18

Urge Congress to Back the FDA's Fight Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Congress is considering a crucial funding increase to FDA’s budget that will help to strengthen the work of veterinarians who are working to ensure the appropriate use of antibiotics in animal agriculture. Please email your representatives in Congress today.

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Lower Columbia River
ENDING: 7/20/18

Representatives to Vote on Key Ocean Law

Ask your representative to oppose H.R. 200 now.

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ENDING: 12/10/18

Urge Your Members of Congress to Support Wilderness Legislation

Let your members of congress know that you support preserving more wild land for future generations.

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