Marine Fellows

2015 Marine Fellows

  • Josh Cinner

    Josh Cinner, Ph.D.

    Cinner, a professor at James Cook University, strives to understand global coral reef “bright spots” and conditions that contribute to their success.

  • Olga Filatova

    Olga Filatova, Ph.D.

    Filatova, a research fellow at Moscow State University, works to identify and protect the habitat most critical to the whales, dolphins, and porpoises of the Russian Pacific.

  • Aaron Fisk

    Aaron Fisk, Ph.D.

    Fisk, a professor at the University of Windsor, seeks to engage Inuit community members in artisanal fisheries research, monitoring, and management in the Arctic.

  • E.J. Milner-Gulland, Ph.D.

    Milner-Gulland, a professor at Imperial College London, aims to reduce fisheries bycatch through use of novel incentives already successfully employed in terrestrial conservation.

  • Rob Williams

    Rob Williams, Ph.D.

    Williams, a marine conservation scientist with the Oceans Initiative and the Oceans Research & Conservation Association, conducts research to better understand the effects of marine noise on whales and to help officials set limits and establish protected areas.

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    Populations of tiny forage fish, such as herring and sardines, fluctuate naturally, and sometimes collapse. This can have harmful effects on the fishing industry and on larger animals (including whales, tuna, birds, and seals) that depend on forage fish for sustenance. But a 2014 study offers a clue as to how we might make such collapses less severe. Read More

  • Pew Names 5 New Marine Conservation Fellows for 2015

    Five distinguished scientists and conservationists from Canada, Australia, Russia, and the United Kingdom are the 2015 recipients of the Pew fellowship in marine conservation. Read More

  • One Minute Dive

    Discover the world’s oceans and the people who study them, one minute at a time. Our One Minute Dive film series highlights the world-class Pew marine fellows and their important work to address ocean threats and challenges. Dive with these scientists in the fiords of Chilean Patagonia, visit the seagrass meadows of Malaysia, or take a stroll on the seafloor with an Indonesian walking shark.... Read More

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