Making smart choices about infrastructure policy can help address larger policy challenges, from transportation to technology to clean energy. Pew’s research examines issues that are critical to improving the economy, our shared environment, and civic life.  It includes a focus on understanding the partnership of the federal government, states, and localities.

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  • What’s Good for the Planet Can Also Be Good for Public Health

    In recent years, a number of organizations and programs have sprung up to ensure that homes, offices, schools, and neighborhoods are built and maintained in an environmentally friendly way. Increasingly, we want buildings to be constructed with renewable, sustainable materials and development projects to use less energy, conserve fresh water, contribute less to air and water pollution, and create... Read More

  • California Policy Initiatives of The Pew Charitable Trusts

    • Fact Sheet

    In California, The Pew Charitable Trusts focuses on evidence-based policy initiatives that address the unique needs of the Golden State and the diversity and complexity of its people, geography, environment, economy, and infrastructure. Read More

  • National Parks: A Legacy to Preserve for Future Generations

    May 21 is Kids to Parks Day, and families across the U.S. will participate in various kid-friendly activities and events organized by the National Park Trust. This annual celebration encourages children to learn about public lands, such as national parks. As the National Park Service (NPS) celebrates its centennial this year, now is the perfect time for Congress to ensure that... Read More