Making smart choices about infrastructure policy can help address larger policy challenges, from transportation to technology to clean energy. Pew’s research examines issues that are critical to improving the economy, our shared environment, and civic life.  It includes a focus on understanding the partnership of the federal government, states, and localities.

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  • National Parks: A Legacy to Preserve for Future Generations

    • Analysis

    May 21 is Kids to Parks Day, and families across the U.S. will participate in various kid-friendly activities and events organized by the National Park Trust. This annual celebration encourages children to learn about public lands, such as national parks. As the National Park Service (NPS) celebrates its centennial this year, now is the perfect time for Congress to ensure that... Read More

  • Living Shorelines: A Key Line of Defense

    People are drawn to places where land and water meet. More than 123 million people—39 percent of the U.S.population—live in “coastal shoreline” counties, those that are directly adjacent to the open ocean, majorestuaries, and the Great Lakes, and as a result, often bear the brunt of extreme weather.1 The high concentrationof people and property, combined with challenges... Read More

  • Flood Risk and Mitigation Strategies for Pennsylvania

    Floods and hurricanes are becoming more intense in Pennsylvania. As these events become more serious, the physical and economic damage to communities and the threats to human lives and ecosystems also increase. Between 2000 and 2015, 20 federal disasters and emergencies were declared for floods, hurricanes, and severe storms in Pennsylvania that exceeded $750 million in total assistance from the... Read More