David Draine

David Draine

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  • Public Sector Retirement Systems,
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts


David Draine, a senior researcher at Pew, serves as a principal investigator and methodologist on Pew’s research agenda on state fiscal health, economic competitiveness, and other state policy issues, particularly in the area of state budgets and fiscal health.

Draine has been a lead researcher on a number of groundbreaking studies looking at state-run public employee retirement systems. Pew’s work in this area has been cited widely in national media, as well as by state and local print and broadcast outlets.

In addition to his expertise on public sector retirement benefits, Draine has conducted research and analysis across the 50 states that inform state policy decisions on a wide range of issues, including state transportation investments, state revenue systems, economic development, and mortgage lending.

He holds a bachelor of arts in history from Princeton University and a master of arts in public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Recent Work

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  • Recruiting and Retaining Public Sector Workers

    This research is intended to help inform thinking by policymakers about recruitment and retention as they address the dilemma of ensuring that pension systems are sustainable while helping workers to achieve a secure retirement. Read More

  • Preparing for Retirement

    For the past several years, policymakers across the country have been taking a close look at state and local retirement systems. Since 2009, 48 states have enacted retirement plan changes, with some states enacting multiple reforms,1 in an effort to make pension plans more fiscally sustainable. Read More

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