Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy


Protection Leads to Discovery and Connection

The ocean plays an essential role in sustaining life on our planet. It covers nearly three-fourths of the globe and is home to nearly a quarter of the world’s known species, and many more yet to be discovered. The ocean provides tens of billions of dollars in economic benefits to countless stakeholders. But human activities are increasingly threatening its health. Large, fully protected marine reserves have the ability to reverse the many challenges to ocean health.

Fully protected marine reserves benefit people and the planet by:

  • Safeguarding biodiversity.
  • Improving fish populations.
  • Strengthening connections between indigenous communities and the natural resources their cultures depend on.
  • Providing ecological benefits to neighboring ecosystems.
  • Protecting predators and maintaining ecosystem stability.
  • Strengthening the ocean’s resilience to the impacts of a changing climate.

Science Advisory Board

Ocean Legacy benefits from the advice of a Science Advisory Board, composed of esteemed scientists with expertise in marine biology and fisheries disciplines. Board members include Juan Carlos Castilla, Ph.D; Philippe Cury, Ph.D.; Douglas McCauley, Ph.D.; Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D.; Daniel Pauly, Ph.D.; Bob Richmond, Ph.D.; Callum Roberts, Ph.D.; Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo, Ph.D.; Rashid Sumaila, Ph.D.; and Boris Worm, Ph.D.

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