Christophe Chevillon

Christophe Chevillon

  • Senior Manager
  • Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy,
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts


Christophe Chevillon directs the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project in New Caledonia.

Chevillon has nearly three decades of experience in New Caledonia, mainly in the public sector. He started his career as a marine expert with the South Pacific Commission for Applied Geosciences in Suva, Fiji, and later served as head of the Sea and Lagoon Protection Office in the Environmental Division of South Province of New Caledonia, where he was in charge of the management and supervision of 24 protected areas and two World Heritage areas. Chevillon recently served at the Institute of Research for Development as coordinator for the Pacific and was assigned to the geostrategic and partnership task force.

Chevillon holds a doctorate in oceanography from Aix-Marseille II University in France and a postgraduate diploma of advanced studies in ocean science.

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