Alban Ordureau, Ph.D.


Alban Ordureau, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Cell Biology Program
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
430 E. 67th St., RRL-517E
City, State, ZIP
New York, NY 10065
[email protected]
Research field
Biochemistry; Cell Biology; Proteomics
Award year


The Ordureau lab investigates how cellular protein homeostasis—i.e., the maintenance of protein equilibrium—supports healthy neurons’ development and activity. All cells have built-in quality control systems for removing proteins that are damaged, misfolded, or simply no longer needed. One of the key protein-removal pathways involves the use of enzymes that tag superfluous or damaged cell structures with ubiquitin, a molecular marker that flags them for destruction. Enzymes that add this ubiquitin tag are often mutated in neurological disorders, from Alzheimer’s disease to autism. In preliminary studies, I found that the expression of a subset of these enzymes increases as stem cells specialize in forming neurons. Now, combining this stem cell system with techniques in gene editing, biochemistry, and quantitative proteomics, my lab will identify the ubiquitin-handling enzymes that are specific for neuronal specialization and inventory their molecular targets. This work will enhance our understanding of the quality control mechanisms that are key for neuronal health and survival, thereby uncovering novel therapeutic target candidates for treating the neurodegenerative and neurological diseases that arise when these processes are impaired.

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