The Kermadecs – Encounters Art Booklet

In May 2011 the Kermadec initiative of the Pew Environment Group invited nine artists and broadcaster Marcus Lush to join them on a voyage through the Kermadec region of New Zealand.  As seariders on HMNZS Otago, the Kermadec artists voyaged from Auckland to Raoul Island and then on to Tonga. 

The Kermadec Islands are the most remote part of New Zealand.  Despite their natural and historical significance, our awareness of the islands and surrounding waters is slight.  The Kermadec artists’ voyage provided some of our finest communicators an opportunity to document a unique encounter with one of the greatest, least known, pristine ocean sites on the planet.

Media Contact: Laura Margison 202.540.6395

Topics: Oceans, Environment

Project: Kermadec

Places: New Zealand, South Pacific

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