Matt Rand

Matt Rand

  • Director
  • Global Ocean Legacy,
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts


Matt Rand directs the Global Ocean Legacy project. He works with citizens, governments, and scientists around the world to protect and conserve some of the Earth’s most important and unspoiled marine environments.

Previously, Rand was the director of global shark conservation for Pew, and he spent 10 years with the National Environmental Trust, primarily managing the Conserve Our Ocean Legacy campaign, which achieved reforms of the marine conservation requirements in the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the U.S. fishery law. He also led a campaign to oppose biotechnology in agriculture.

In addition, Rand worked at the Environmental Defense Fund as the senior director of campaigns in the oceans program.

Rand is an avid recreational fisherman and diver.

Recent Work

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  • Celebrating 10 Years of Global Ocean Legacy’s Commitment to Ocean Protection

    Since 2006, The Pew Charitable Trusts Global Ocean Legacy project has worked with indigenous groups, community leaders, government officials, scientists and other organizations to help protect the ocean; a part of the planet that is key to some island cultures and marine life. The Global Ocean Legacy campaign has aided in the creation of nine major marine reserves: Palau, Chagos, Coral Sea,... Read More

  • Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve

    Traditional and cultural non-commercial fishing by the Pitcairn Islanders and their visitors is permitted in the territorial seas of all the islands, which extend out 12 nautical miles from each. Such fishing is also allowed within 2 nautical miles of the summit of 40 Mile Reef and in the transit zone between Pitcairn and 40 Mile Reef. Read More

  • Views of a Remote Island: Pitcairn in Pictures

    On a map, Pitcairn Islands appear as a green pinprick in the blue expanse of the South Pacific Ocean. But the small islands make up one of the largest areas of protected ocean on the planet. At around 320,465 square miles (830,000 square kilometers), the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve is almost 3.5 times the size of the United Kingdom. Read More

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