Marine Fellows

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2016 Marine Fellows

  • randall arauz

    Randall Arauz

    Arauz’s project focuses on enforcement of no-take zones to protect sharks in Cocos Island National Park and the Seamounts Marine Management Area of Costa Rica.

  • Asha de Vos

    Asha de Vos

    De Vos is using her fellowship to build an organization in Sri Lanka to provide training and education to the country’s next generation of marine conservationists and policymakers.

  • jennifer jacquet

    Jennifer Jacquet

    With her fellowship, Jacquet is exploring the political pathways and viability of an international agreement to close the high seas to fishing and will identify the potential winners and losers.

  • Jennifer O'Leary

    Jennifer O'Leary

    O’Leary is using her fellowship to implement a regional program in the western Indian Ocean to link science with management in order to enhance the conservation effectiveness of marine protected areas.

  • kerry sink

    Kerry Sink

    Sink is using her fellowship to design 21 new marine protected areas in the waters off South Africa, working with key industry sectors to protect 10 percent of the country’s waters.

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