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    • Nature-Based Solutions Offer Best Investment for Flood Protection

      A growing body of evidence shows wetlands and reefs reduce flooding and erosion in adjacent communities better than hard infrastructure does, but local and state governments continue to shortchange these nature-based solutions when allocating dollars for disaster mitigation and recovery. Read More

    • Ecosystem-Based Management Can Protect Fisheries’ Economic Value

      For decades, many scientists have recommended that fisheries managers consider ecosystem factors—such as how predators interact with prey—when setting catch limits and other policies and guidance. Those scientists often cite sustainability as a key benefit of this approach, known as ecosystem-based fisheries management, or EBFM. Now, a study published in the journal Proceedings of the... Read More

    • Pew’s 2018 Marine Fellows to Address Global Ocean Issues

      From using satellites to monitor mangrove forests to forecasting how fish populations will respond to changing ocean conditions and understanding how plastic waste travels on ocean currents, the 2018 Pew marine fellows will tackle pressing issues affecting ocean conservation. The geographic range of the work is equally broad, with projects planned from New England to Fiji, and Asia to Latin... Read More

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