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    • Ailing Coral Reefs May Get Help From Tiny Partners

      In recent years, marine scientists in Florida have wondered why some corals are more resilient to climate change. Now those experts may have an answer: a microscopic organism that uses sunlight to make food for its hosts. This organism could help combat the global decline of coral reefs resulting from warming waters. Read More

    • Can People Reap Gains From Seafood Without Harming the Ocean?

      Eating seafood at every meal for a year probably won’t fill your brain with facts and insights about sustainable fishing, omega-3 fatty acids, or ocean health, but it almost certainly will bring you closer to the subject matter as you investigate those topics. Read More

    • Expedition Finds Rich Biodiversity Off South Africa

      Improving stewardship of the world’s oceans relies on sound data about marine ecosystems and the diverse life they contain. The quest for such information inspired Kerry Sink, Ph.D., a marine biologist at the South African National Biodiversity Institute, to lead a monthlong expedition in the Atlantic and Indian oceans off South Africa, during which she documented for the first time... Read More

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