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    • First Nations in Canada Navigate the Return of Sea Otters

      Throughout history, we’ve seen how removing one animal from an ecosystem can bring a cascading series of changes. It’s rare to observe the return of that animal and the impact that brings. A new film featuring Pew marine fellows Anne Salomon and Jim Estes, as well as fellowship adviser Bob Paine, looks at just that scenario: the revival of sea otters along the coast of British... Read More

    • New Study Identifies 'Acoustic Sanctuaries' as Key to Whale and Dolphin Conservation

      A new study, published by Marine Pollution Bulletin and led by Pew marine fellow Rob Williams, explains the dangers of noise along the coast of British Columbia and says humans have an opportunity to conserve quiet habitat for the endangered and noise-sensitive whales and dolphins that live in the region. Read More

    • Patterns of a Predator

      Experts have long thought that some sharks roamed entire oceans without a place to call home, but a recent scientific review  of global data challenges that entrenched notion. The analysis, published in the annual review of Marine Science, January 2015, reveals that sharks live their lives in geographic patterns and that observing the order of their behaviors can help tailor... Read More

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