Carolyn Ruth Bertozzi, Ph.D.


The Bertozzi Group studies cell surface interactions that contribute to human health and disease with specific projects in the areas of cancer, inflammation and bacterial infection. We use the techniques of organic synthesis, genetics, and biochemistry as tools to study and manipulate complex cellular processes. Much of our research involves cell surface oligosaccharides, biopolymers that contribute to cell surface recognition and cell-cell communication. In addition to our work in the chemical biology of glycosylation, we have a program in biomaterials centered at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The research projects in our lab share the common mission of bringing concepts from synthetic chemistry into biological systems that are in need of new experimental approaches. Glycobiology is a major focus area, with recent projects oriented toward the identification of glycan biomarkers of cancer and molecular imaging of changes in glycosylation associated with development and disease. In parallel, we are seeking new avenues for treating Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Our projects in this area focus on pathways of sulfur metabolism and the identification of enzymes and metabolites that are critical for virulence and survival within the host. Finally, we are developing new technologies to probe and manipulate cells using nanomaterials.

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