Pablo Garcia Borboroglu, Ph,D.


Pablo Garcia Borboroglu, Ph,D.
Pablo Garcia Borboroglu
Founder, President
Global Penguin Society
[email protected]
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Pablo “Popi” Garcia Borboroglu is the founder and president of the Global Penguin Society, an international science-based conservation coalition dedicated to the survival and protection of the world’s penguin species. He is also a researcher at the National Research Council in Argentina and a professor at the University of Washington. Since 1989 he has worked in the field of marine conservation. His research focuses on different ecological aspects of seabirds relevant for conservation, with special emphasis on penguins. He also works on marine protected areas (MPAs) designation, planning, and implementation. The goal of Borboroglu’s Pew fellowship was to strengthen the protection of penguin populations by organizing an international coalition to develop and advocate solutions for sustainable management of the full range of penguin habitat.

This coalition, called the Global Penguin Society, has worked to address four related components: science, management, policy, and education. It has assessed the status of penguin populations, promoted the integration of new findings into science-based conservation, advised governments and influenced policies, and developed media campaigns to educate communities about how to improve the quality of life for penguins and people. As a result of this work and his fellowship, Borboroglu partnered with his University of Washington colleague P. Dee Boersma to write the book Penguins: Natural History and Conservation. Additionally, he led a global conservation effort to benefit penguins that included the creation and direction of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Penguin Specialist Group; the designation of the largest biosphere reserve for Argentina, which includes 20 penguin colonies; and the creation of an MPA for the world´s largest Magellanic penguin colony. To learn more about Borboroglu, visit his bio or the Global Penguin Society online.

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