Fiorenza Micheli, Ph.D.

Stanford University
[email protected]
Award Year


Fiorenza Micheli is a marine ecologist and conservation biologist conducting research and teaching at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University in Monterey, California where she is a professor of biology. With her Pew fellowship, Micheli conducted a systematic assessment of human threats to Mediterranean marine ecosystems and their cumulative impacts on deep and shallow Mediterranean reefs. Simultaneously, she quantified how these impacts influence the ability of these intensely used coastal ecosystems to sustain human needs. The outcome of her fellowship research has informed and supported the design and implementation of integrated management of multiple human uses of marine ecosystems. By establishing relationships among human activities, ecological impacts, and socioeconomic consequences, this project provided critical new information and practical guidance for addressing and reversing cumulative impacts of multiple stressors on marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea and possibly other marine ecoregions. To learn more about Micheli, visit her bio online.

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