Matthieu Le Corre, Ph.D.

Matthieu Le Corre
Université de la Réunion
[email protected]
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Matthieu Le Corre is a professor at the University of Réunion Island in France and is deputy director of the laboratory ENTROPIE (Marine Ecology in the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans). Top predators such as seabirds are powerful indicators of ocean health because they often feed on prey that tunas and other species drive to the ocean’s surface and they tend to select areas of high prey concentration. The goal of Le Corre’s Pew fellowship was to study the foraging and migrating zones of seabirds at the scale of the tropical Indian Ocean to identify oceanic hotspots of biodiversity in this region. Miniaturized transmitters were deployed on a range of seabird species breeding at Réunion, Europa, Mauritius, Madagascar, and the Seychelles. The project provided the first substantial indications of where the main high seas biodiversity hotspots in the western Indian Ocean are. This should allow national and international agencies and institutions to design adaptive conservation measures, including oceanic marine protected areas (MPAs). Ultimately these management decisions should reduce the industrial fishing effort in these hotspots and contribute to the conservation of tropical marine biodiversity. Through a substantial increase in the knowledge of biodiversity and productivity hotspots in the tropical western Indian Ocean, the project not only intends to create a starting point to design oceanic MPAs in the region, but also plans to generate a unique multispecies dataset on tropical seabird distribution that can help identify potential threats to seabirds when at sea. Le Corre is now developing this approach in collaboration with various partners, and including marine turtles and whales in the analysis. To learn more about Le Corre, visit his bio online

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