Marla Cone

National Geographic
United States
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Marla Cone is senior editor/science at Center for investigative reporting. Previously, she was senior editor for National Geographic and oversaw environmental coverage for the magazine and its website. She has 30 years of experience as an environmental journalist, including 18 years at the Los Angeles Times. Cone used her Pew fellowship to gain expertise about environmental pollutants and bring attention to the plight of people and wildlife exposed to such pollutants. She focused her research on the Arctic, where indigenous inhabitants are particularly vulnerable to the toxic byproducts of modern society due to their close connection to the environment and their ancestral diet of marine mammals. Masses of air and ocean water pass by the Arctic, dropping off pollutants that hitchhiked from Europe, Russia and the east coast of North America. Cone’s Pew fellowship enabled her to gain considerable expertise in scientific issues related to the global spread of contaminants as well as cultural issues of Arctic peoples. She used that knowledge to shape her coverage of environmental health at the L.A. Times’ .Cone’s book about the contamination of the Arctic, Silent Snow: The Slow Poisoning of the Arctic, was published by Grove Atlantic in hardcover in 2005 and paperback in 2006. The book was based on her Pew fellowship research and was a finalist in the National Academies’ 2006 Communication Awards.

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