Brentwood Florida Zoning Health Impact Assessment

Brentwood Florida Zoning Health Impact Assessment


Brentwood , Florida


Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida; Diettrich Planning; Northeast Florida Regional Council

The Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida, Diettrich Planning, community members, and other stakeholders conducted an HIA on the potential impacts of proposed amendments to the Jacksonville Zoning Code, Chapter 656 on the Brentwood neighborhood. The HIA explored possible health effects from changes in neighborhood walkability and connectivity, crime, and access to public transportation, services, and fresh foods and made recommendations for each of these categories.

To reduce potential negative health impacts of crime, the HIA recommended that the city encourage formation of more neighborhood crime watch organizations. The HIA also recommended that the code be altered to expand the notification radius for land-use and zoning application submissions beyond the current 350 feet; renters and property owners outside this radius do not receive notice.

To improve health outcomes related to childhood obesity, the HIA recommended encouraging the location of community gardens and establishments that sell healthy foods within a one-half mile radius of public schools. The HIA also recommended zoning changes to discourage fast food establishments from locating in the same radius from schools and to prohibit new fast food establishments from opening within 1,500 feet of existing ones.

The HIA made several specific zoning change recommendations to encourage physical activity and promote pedestrian safety and connectivity, including changing the zoning along Main Street from 20th Street/MLK Expressway north to the Trout River and along Pearl Street north to 44th Street to Commercial Neighborhood, Commercial Office, and Residential-Professional-Institutional to encourage commercial corridors that are more consistent with residential communities. The HIA also recommended changing the zoning type for residential parcels in the southern area of Brentwood north to Golfair Boulevard to RLD-50 and RMD-A; the current zoning for lots in this older area may not meet current requirements and could preclude new single-family and multifamily residential developments and infill redevelopment. In addition, the HIA recommended a “road diet” for Golfair Boulevard, converting it from four lanes of traffic to two with two buffered bike lanes.

Funded by Florida Blue Foundation.

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