Editorial: Tennessee Wilderness Act Would Permanently Protect 19,556 Acres

Publication: Maryville Daily Times

01/01/2012 - A bill now in Congress would place 19,556 acres of Tennessee located in Cherokee National Forest in a permanent wilderness area.

In addition to permanently protecting areas already being managed administratively as wilderness by the Cherokee National Forest, the bill would not close any roads, would not require new appropriations and would not cause any loss of taxes to local communities. Congress is the only authority who can make a wilderness area permanent.


A coalition of eight organizations, Tennessee Wild, that is supporting the effort include Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition, Smoky Mountain Hiking Club, Cherokee Forest Voices, Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, Tennessee Chapter of Sierra Club, Pew Campaign for America’s Wilderness, The Wilderness Society, and the Southern Environmental Law Center.

Read the full editorial, Tennessee Wilderness Act Would Permanently Protect 19,556 Acres, on the Daily Times' Web site.

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