Ex-GOP Senator on Tour to Promote Clean Energy

Publication: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Author: David Templeton

08/11/2011 - A retired U.S. senator from Virginia is touring the nation with the Pew Charitable Trust to promote a clean-energy policy he says will benefit the economy, environment and national security.

John W. Warner, a Republican who left the Senate on Jan. 3, 2009, after five terms, espouses an energy policy that runs counter to Republican action in Congress to reduce U.S. Environmental Protection Agency enforcement of the Clean Air Act, among other environmental regulations.

Mr. Warner, now serving as a senior policy adviser for the Pew Project on National Security, Energy, and Climate, expressed opposition to recent actions to undo the Clean Air Act and reduce EPA's regulatory powers. "The Environmental Protection Agency is exactly what is in the name -- to protect us from our own devices," he said.


"It's a great story. Pew had the foresight that this story needs to be told," Mr. Warner told an audience of 75 at the World Affairs Council this morning at Reed Smith in the Fairmont building Downtown.

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