Grounded: Rather Than Test New Limits, Fisherman Ties Up His Boat

Publication: New Bedford Standard Times

Author: Don Cuddy

06/13/2010 - "It was the lesser of two evils," said Tony Pereira of his decision to enter a sector, as the new fishery management system is known.

His other alternative, fishing under regulations that would have limited his days at sea to 35, was unattractive.


However, Peter Baker, manager of the New England Fisheries Campaigns for the Pew Environment Group said his group supports sectors.

"New England sectors were initiated to be cooperative and community-based and designed to protect fleet diversity so that small coastal communities like Marshfield and Chatham could have groundfish boats. I think people are beating up on sectors to try to get more fish, but the catch limits are based on science, and you have to draw a clear line between science and sectors. The catch limits would be the same if it were days at sea or sectors."

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