Pew Environment Group: Shark Attack Survivors Fight for Shark Conservation

Publication: The Huffington Post

Author: John Heilprin

09/13/2010 - They have the scars and missing limbs that make it hard to forgive, but these victims are tougher than most. And now they want to save their attackers. They are shark attack survivors, a band of nine thrown together in an unlikely and ironic mission to conserve the very creatures that ripped their flesh, tore off their limbs and nearly took their lives.

They want nations to adopt a resolution that would require them to greatly improve how fish are managed, including shark species of which nearly a third are threatened with extinction or on the verge of being threatened.

"We do not have scientific management plans for how many sharks can be caught," Matt Rand, director of Global Shark Conservation for the Pew Environment Group told reporters at the United Nations on Monday. "There are no limits."

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