Measures Not Clamping Down on Global Illegal Fishing: Science Report

Publication: The Canadian Press

Author: Alison Auld

05/20/2010 - A new study suggests that measures to curb illegal fishing around the world may do little to combat the problem of depleting stocks.

The research, published Thursday in the journal Science, found that sanctions against vessels known for illegal fishing are not widely enforced and there are loopholes that allow them to escape penalty.


Kristin von Kistowski, one of the report's authors, said tracking ships involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing — or IUU fishing — is difficult because there is no centralized list of vessels that flout fisheries regulations.

"The current system leaves significant loopholes that those who are engaged in IUU fishing can exploit," von Kistowski, a marine biologist, said from Berlin.

"To fix the worldwide problem, we need a system with greater transparency, accountability and global co-ordination."

Read the full article, Measures Not Clamping Down on Global Illegal Fishing: Science Report, on the Canada East Web site.

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