A Last Line of Defense? National Parks at Sea

Publication: Green Blog - New York Times

Author: Sindya N. Bhanoo

06/08/2010 - Today is World Oceans Day, an occasion to pay homage to the seas — perhaps a sober occasion, in view of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, a group of scientists are calling for world leaders to create more marine reserves like the Great Barrier Reef of Australia — national parks at sea, as they put it. In a statement issued Tuesday and signed by nearly 250 scientists from 35 countries, they asked lawmakers around the globe to consider designating vast reserves of the ocean as protected areas.

Marine reserves offer refuges for sea life, help preserve biodiversity and maintain pristine areas for study by researchers, said the statement, issued by Global Ocean Legacy, a project of the Pew Environment Group.

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