Ocean Parks 'Vital to Protect Species'

Publication: The Age

Author: Tom Arup

06/08/2010 - SCIENTISTS from 35 countries will use World Oceans Day today to call for bolder action from governments to create ''ocean-scale'' national parks to protect the world's struggling marine environment.

In a statement to be released today, the 245 scientists say creating large ocean-scale parks is the best way to protect large migratory species and will help fish stocks recover from years of overfishing.

Just 0.4 per cent of the world's oceans are under some form of environmental protection, mostly in the form of small coastal marine parks.


The scientists' statement, organised by the environmental group Pew International, says these small parks are inadequate for protecting species that travel great distances such as sea turtles, whales and dolphins.

''Large reserves, where ecological processes and functions can operate much as they have for millennia, are virtually missing from the marine conservation and management port-folio,'' the statement says.

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