Australia Opens Up Offshore Oil, Gas Exploration

Publication: Agence France-Presse

05/17/2010 - Australia on Monday said it would open more than 30 new offshore sites for oil and gas exploration, despite concerns from environmentalists that they could clash with marine sanctuaries.

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson said 26 of the 31 exploration areas were in Western Australia, which already has significant offshore energy projects, while others were in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

"Our energy security will be greatly enhanced by the opening up of new geological frontiers, reducing our dependence on imports," Ferguson said.


But conservationists were concerned by the announcement, with the Pew Environment Group saying some exploration had been approved in areas which had also been earmarked as potential marine wildlife reserves.

"Pretty much all the areas announced today are right over the top of areas that the Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett is looking at for protection and that's because these areas are critically important for marine life," the group's Michelle Grady told ABC Radio.

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