Gas Leak Makes Two in the Timor Sea

Publication: PM with Mark Colvin

Author: Mark Colvin

10/30/2009 - The Federal Government says a gas leak which has been running for more than seven weeks in the Timor Sea is small and poses no threat to the environment.

The gas leak at the East Puffin field is about 50 kilometres from the leak of oil and gas in the Montara field.


The Pew Environment Group says the fact that there's now two separate leaks highlights the need for greater protections.

The group's director, Barry Traill:

Barry Traill: What this does is it adds to the evidence that oil and gas has very significant risks.

Listen to Gas Lleak Makes Two in the Timor Sea, which features comments by Barry Traill of the Pew Environment Group, on the PM with Mark Colvin Web site.

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