PTTEP Plans Another Attempt to Plug Oil Leak

Publication: The West Australian

Author: Jane Hammond

10/10/2009 - The company responsible for the Timor Sea oil disaster expects to make another attempt to plug the leaking Montara well head on Monday and says if successful oil could stop flowing into the sea within hours of the intercept.

Oil has been flowing untapped into the sea from the stricken West Atlas rig, 250km from the Kimberley coast, for the past seven weeks at a rate estimated to be around 400 barrels a day.

So far attempts to plug the leak have failed.


Meanwhile conservationists are becoming increasingly concerned at the time taken to plug the leak.


John Carey from the Pew Environment Group said his group found it difficult to believe assurances from the company that the leak would be plugged any time soon.

"Despite the assurances and talk of world best practice this leak keeps going on and on. We are constantly told it will be fixed but we find it difficult to believe," Mr Carey said.


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