Ban on Fishing Snapper Off Southeast is Likely

Publication: MSNBC

03/06/2009 - After three decades as a charter fishing guide, Steve Amick says he's never seen red snapper as large or plentiful as he did last year off Georgia's Atlantic coast. Soon, catching them could be illegal.

Scientists for the federal government say the bountiful catch reported from Florida to North Carolina is a shallow illusion. The red snapper population, they say, is dwindling and needs a break from decades of overfishing.

A federal agency — the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council — voted 7-6 Thursday in favor of a six-month ban on red snapper fishing off the southern Atlantic seaboard, despite cries from fisherman that the fish are plentiful and their business will sink under any ban.

* * *

"Today's decision was a hard one, but it was necessary," said Holly Binns, who heads the Pew Environment Group's campaign to end overfishing in the South. "The science is clear."

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