More Rules on Tap for Fishermen

Publication: Gloucester Daily Times

Author: Richard Gaines

01/15/2009 - For the region's commercial fishing fleets centered in New Bedford and Gloucester, the next year promises more of the same — a crazy quilt of closed grounds in different seasons and further reductions in days at sea, under interim regulations released yesterday.

But harder times for the hard-pressed fleets are anticipated, with a further 18 percent reduction in the number of days at sea among the new mandates.

Describing them as "more of the same, only more so," political and industry representatives in both ports condemned the rules, which won't become final until after 30 days after formal publication in the Federal Register.

The Pew Environmental Trust, which rarely sides with the industry, did so yesterday.

"This interim rule will not solve our problems, and may well cost many of the region's fishermen their livelihoods," Pew's Peter Baker said in a prepared statement. "The time for a new approach has come."

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