New Bill Could Jumpstart The Setting of Sound Genetic Public Policy

Contact: Mona Miller, 202.552.2135, Rick Borchelt, 202.663.5978

Washington, D.C. - 08/04/2006 - Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) introduced legislation to improve development and appropriate use of genetic tests in the United States, the Genetics and Public Policy Center has learned.

"The Obama bill accelerates advances in the beneficial applications of genetic technologies to human health, while ensuring appropriate safeguards for the quality of genetic testing," says Center Director Kathy Hudson. "After decades of policy lagging behind genetic science, we are hopeful that discussion of this bill will jumpstart the setting of sound genetic public policy."

The bill addresses a number of the Center’s primary concerns, including:

  • Supporting and expanding research to extend genomic knowledge;
  • Accelerating translation of genetic tests into clinical application and clinical practice;
  • Enhancing genetic testing quality by creating a genetic testing specialty under CLIA;
  • Promoting transparency by requiring information about genetic tests and their performance characteristics to be publicly available;
  • Directing HHS to develop a risk-based framework for review of genetic tests; and
  • Supporting the development and dissemination of genetic testing guidelines for health professionals.
Read New Bill Could Jumpstart The Setting of Sound Genetic Public Policy on the Genetics and Public Policy Center Website.

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