Mining Exploration Conflicts in Canada's Boreal Forest

Mining provides vital materials, generates business and employment opportunities in much of the Boreal Forest, and contributes significant wealth to the country as a whole. While there have been improvements in how mining projects are assessed and implemented, and many positive examples of successful projects undertaken with the support of affected First Nations, mineral exploration remains a significant source of conflict.

There is a real choice to be made between ongoing and escalating conflicts around exploration, and the opportunity for governments, industry, Aboriginal peoples and stakeholders to transition to a new regime that addresses the rights and interests of Aboriginal people and private landowners, as well as the expectations of the public.

This report documents these conflicts and outlines proposals for fundamental reform to achieve a mining sector that is compatible with the balanced approach to conservation and development that Canadians expect within the Boreal Forest. Making changes that will bring mining laws into the 21st century is in the best interest of all Canadians.

Visit the website of the International Boreal Conservation Campaign for maps, descriptions and recommendations included in the report.

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