State Fact Sheet

The Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative in Delaware

This page was updated in August 2017 to reflect progress in the state.


In August 2015, Delaware joined the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative in order to integrate the Results First approach and tools, including the cost-benefit analysis model, into its budget and policymaking processes to promote the effective use of taxpayer dollars. As Governor Jack Markell stated in his request to join the initiative, “Results First will be a useful tool in our arsenal as we continue our commitment to responsibly implement cost-effective programs in Delaware.”

The partnership grew from strong interest in the benefit-cost tool among officials in Delaware’s Office of the Governor, Office of the Controller General, and Joint Finance Committee.


Implementation of the Results First approach to evidence-based policymaking and the benefit-cost model will be spearheaded by the Office of the Controller General, which provides analyses of the state’s capital and operating budgets to the Joint Finance Committee and the Joint Legislative Committee on the Capital Improvement Program.

Next steps

The Delaware Results First team will focus on adult criminal justice before expanding into social services programming. The team intends for those efforts to inform budget and legislative decisions in the state.

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