Pew’s 2017 Marine Fellows to Tackle Pressing Ocean Issues

What makes some coral colonies more resilient to warming ocean temperatures? How can fishery managers help ensure sustainable populations of marine life? What do changing conditions in the Southern Ocean mean for the future of penguins? Read More

Urge Fishery Council to Protect Deep-Sea Corals

Far below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico lie deep-sea corals—fragile, slow-growing habitat that hosts starfish, lobsters, crabs, sharks, and many fish species, including groupers and snappers. The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, which governs fishing in the Gulf’s federal waters, is considering measures to protect corals in at least 15 areas by restricting the use of certain kinds of fishing gear that could damage these vulnerable marine animals. Read More

Studies Shaping Policy to Protect the High Seas

The high seas—the waters beyond the jurisdiction of any government—make up 64 percent of the world’s ocean, yet only a patchwork of mechanisms, and few safeguards, exist to manage the ocean resources in these areas. Read More
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