Ohio Secretary of State Promotes Online Voter Registration

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted continues to advocate for legislative action to authorize online voter registration in his state, noting its convenience, security, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

According to a dedicated web page created by his office, Ohio would have saved at least $3 million and as much as $13 million if the 5.6 million paper registration applications it received from 2011 through 2014 had been processed electronically.   

Secretary Husted’s efforts are receiving support from local election officials and members of the military. Active-duty and retired personnel from multiple branches have written letters to the secretary’s office citing the obstacles that service members face when they try to register and calling for the adoption of online voter registration to improve their access and the integrity of the process.

A bill introduced by Senator Frank LaRose (R) in the Ohio Legislature would grant the secretary the authority to build an electronic voter registration system.

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Kelly Hoffman