Early Ballots and Provisional Voting in Pima County, AZ

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After the November 2012 election, Pima County, AZ, joined its neighbor, Maricopa County, in providing detailed postelection data, specifically related to provisional ballots. Most provisional ballots in Pima County, the data showed, were issued for the same reasons as in Maricopa County:

  • Of the more than 27,000 provisional ballots issued, 15,110—approximately 55 percent—were given to those requesting early ballots.
  • Almost 5,000 others—slightly less than 18 percent—were cast by voters who had not changed their address when they moved.
  • Another 2,212 were issued to people who went to the wrong polling place. Those ballots were rejected, as required by state law. 
  • And 1,559 were issued to unregistered voters (including 275 who attempted to register after the Oct. 9, 2012, deadline); they were also rejected.