National HIA Meeting 2012 Plenary Panel: State of the Practice & Impacts of HIA


A moderated discussion with questions and answers from the audience

Moderator:Andrew Dannenberg, Healthy Community Design Initiative, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Aaron Wernham, Health Impact Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts (PDF)

An overview of the field in the U.S., its growth, current successes, opportunities to move the field ahead and a few illustrative/noteworthy examples of HIA.

Keshia Pollack, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (PDF)

A summary of the evidence on the impact of HIAs and key lessons learned in terms of impact. What do they typically achieve for impact? What makes one HIA more impactful than another? What are the common challenges and opportunities experienced by the field, etc.?

Lea den Broeder, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) (PDF)

Place the development of HIA in the U.S. in an international context; briefly cover the origins and development of HIA; give examples of how HIA is used in decision making and ways in which it has contributed to better decisions.

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