Health Impact Assessment at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting took place in Denver, Colorado from November 6-10. During the convening, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported on events and sessions. An entry to the blog, entitled "Health In All Policies: Health Impact Assessment as a Tool to Advocate for Social Justice," covered sessions by Health Impact Project director Aaron Wernham.  

The conference included several sessions and talks related to health impact assessment:

Health Impact Assessments: A Tool for Social Justice

  • Community Health Assessment via Social Determinants and GIS: Informing Policy for Community Health Equity
  • Incorporating Health Impact Assessment into the I-710 Freeway Expansion Decision-Making Process
  • "Impact" in Health Impact Assessments: Effectiveness of HIAs as a Decision-Making Tool (Presented by Aaron Wernham, director of the Health Impact Project)
  • Using Health Impact Assessment to Improve Health Outcomes Associated with Housing Development

Health Impact Assessment: A Decision Making Tool to Enhance Social Justice

  • Health Impact Assessment in the U.S.: Bridging research and policy to address the determinants of health and health disparities (Presented by Aaron Wernham, director of the Health Impact Project)
  • An Evaluation of Efforts to Raise Human Health Assessment in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process
  • Health Impact Assessment in the National Environmental Policy Act: Leveraging Resources across Federal Agencies for Environmental Health and Informed Decision Making
  • Use of Health Impact Assessment to Help Inform Decision Making Regard Natural Gas Drilling Permits in Colorado
  • Balancing Equity, Assessing Health Impacts, Ensuring Effectiveness

Strategies Towards Positive Health Outcomes Through Community Health Planning, Partnership, Advocacy and Policy Change

  • Health Impact Assessment Capacity Building in Wisconsin

Everyone Gets Sick: A Rx for Policy Remedies Targeting the Workplace

  • Paid Sick Leave as Public Health Policy: A Health Impact Assessment of the California Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act

Communities Shaping Policy

  • Building Policy Capacity Through a Community-Based Health Impact Assessment

Public Health Strategies for Health Promotion

  • Gambling on the Health of the Public: A Health Impact Assessment for an Urban Casino
  • Health Impact Assessment and/of City Council Policy: Opportunities to Address Social Determinants of Health in Baltimore

Environmental Contaminants and Public Health

  • Health Impact Assessment as a Tool for Assuring Social Justice Regarding Interventions Implemented on Populations

Global Trade, Local Impacts and Environmental Justice Challenges

  • Public Health through Public Participation: Reducing Impacts from the Largest Freeway Expansion Project in the U.S.

Addressing Cumulative Impacts in Communities: The Science, Practice, and Policy of Cumulative Risk Assessment


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