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    • Metals Targeted in Search for New Cancer Therapies

      The thing that excites Donita C. Brady, Ph.D., the most about research is that it allows her to do and learn something new every day. “It’s really uncharted territory,” Brady said. “We get to be the first to look into this.” Brady is an assistant professor in the Department of Cancer Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, and a 2016 Pew biomedical scholar. In... Read More

    • The Mystery of Hair Growth, Untangled

      Hair follicles on the body correspond with each other, according to a new study by 2016 Pew biomedical scholar Maksim Plikus, Ph.D., of the University of California, Irvine. Plikus’ research has shown that follicles throughout the human body communicate via a major signaling pathway that helps to dictate when and where hair should grow. The hairs on different parts of our body grow to... Read More

    • Plant Based Birth Control Mechanism Uncovered by Pew Biomedical Scholar

      People have been searching for effective methods of contraception for centuries. Ancient cultures have thoroughly documented the use of plants with contraceptive properties to prevent pregnancies. However, science has yet to discover how herbal-based medicine can work as a form of birth control. Read More

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