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In March 2015, the British government announced its intent to create the world’s largest fully protected marine reserve in the waters surrounding the Pitcairn Islands. A small U.K. overseas territory in the remote central South Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn has one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world. Within these waters lies one of the best-preserved ecosystems—a complex community of hard and soft corals that are home to hundreds of species of fish, including two found nowhere else on Earth. Pew, on behalf of the Global Ocean Legacy campaign partners, is working with the British government and the Pitcairn Island community to implement the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve and protect this important marine habitat for generations to come.

U.K. Government Establishes World’s Largest Fully Protected Marine Reserve

The 834,334-square-kilometre reserve (322,138 square miles) is roughly 3 ½ times the size of the...

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The Expedition: What We Found

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala looks back at the science expedition to the...

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    The ocean covers nearly three-fourths of the globe and is home to nearly half of the world’s known species—with countless yet to be discovered. It helps support more than 250 million people who depend directly or indirectly on fishing for their livelihoods. Still, human activities increasingly threaten its health. Although 72 percent of the world is covered by the ocean, less than 2 percent of... Read More

  • The World's Largest Marine Reserve: How Did That Happen?

    The ocean conservation community celebrated a huge victory March 15 when the British government created the world’s largest fully protected marine reserve, declaring 322,138 square miles (834,334 square kilometers) of water around the Pitcairn Islands off-limits to all extractive activity, including fishing. Now that the applause from the announcement has faded, I want to share what made... Read More

  • An Ocean's Bounty

    The government of Britain recently announced the designation of the world's largest marine reserve in the waters surrounding Pitcairn Island, a British overseas territory in the South Pacific. One of the remotest populated islands in the world, Pitcairn is best known as the final refuge of mutineers who, on April 28, 1789, seized control of the HMS Bounty, a British naval vessel on a mission to... Read More

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Global Ocean Legacy works with local communities, governments and scientists around the world to protect and conserve some of our most important and unspoiled ocean environments.

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