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Palau, located in the western Pacific Ocean, is world renowned for its healthy and incredibly diverse marine ecosystem.  Home to more than 1,300 species of fish and 700 species of coral, the Micronesian island nation has been called one of the seven underwater wonders of the world.  The nutrient-rich waters are teeming with sharks, turtles, manta rays, dugongs and tropical fish.  Pew’s Global Ocean Legacy team is working with the President of Palau to create a large, fully protected marine reserve in these waters to safeguard this area for future generations.

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  • Palau President Announces Plan to Protect Nation's Waters With Large Marine Sanctuary

    President Tommy Remengesau Jr. of Palau announced Feb. 4 at the United Nations that he plans to ban all commercial fishing from his Pacific island country's exclusive economic zone. This step would transform the 200 nautical miles surrounding Palau into a fully protected marine reserve.  Remengesau spoke at the U.N. meeting on “Healthy Oceans and Seas.” Read More

  • Global Ocean Legacy Map

    Global Ocean Legacy, a project of Pew and its partners, is working with local communities, governments and scientists around the world to protect and conserve some of our most important and unspoiled ocean environments. See where we are working in the map below. Read More

  • Wanted Dead or Alive?

    A new study by the Australian Institute of Marine Science concludes that sharks are worth far more alive and swimming. In Palau, the Pacific Island nation that declared its waters a sanctuary free of shark fishing, sharks provide a lynchpin for the tourism industry. Read More