The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest body of water — stretching from the west coast of the Americas to Russia, China and Australia — and covering 30 percent of the earth’s surface. The Pacific—7,000 miles across—is home to the world’s largest tuna fishery and several threatened shark species, including the whale shark, which grows to 60 feet and lives well past 60 years.  The Pacific Ocean is also the location of the Marianas Trench, the deepest canyon on earth at almost seven miles.  This geological wonder is now part of the Marianas Trench National Monument, a 95,000-square-mile expanse of the Pacific that is a sanctuary for a wide variety of biologically diverse marine life.

By the numbers
  • 170 nations committed to a new agreement to protect Pacific shark species

  • 96% decline in Pacific bluefin tuna population

  • 20% estimated share of fish taken illegally in the western and central Pacific Ocean

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