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Comparing the Tax Burden in Philadelphia and the Suburbs

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Glossary of terms:

Tax burden %: The percentage of a four-person family’s gross household income that is owed on property taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes in a given year.*

Tax burden $: The dollar amount of property taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes that a family of four would owe in a given year.*

Tax burden $ gap with Philadelphia: The dollar amount of taxes that a family of four would save or owe additionally by living in the suburbs instead of Philadelphia. Put another way:

Tax burden gap = tax burden $ for selected municipality — tax burden $ for Philadelphia

Rank: Where a selected municipality ranks among 355 municipalities in the region in terms of tax burden. A selected county is ranked among nine counties in the region. The lower the ranking, the higher the tax burden for the selected municipality.

Noncommuter: A family that lives and works in the selected suburban municipality, paying all income, property, and sales taxes in that municipality or county.

Commutes to city: A family that lives in the selected suburban municipality and works in Philadelphia, paying property and some sales taxes where they live, and income and some sales taxes in the city.

* Property taxes are local; sales and income taxes are state and local.

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