Larry Eichel

Larry Eichel

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  • The Philadelphia Program,
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Larry Eichel directs Pew’s Philadelphia research initiatives. The project seeks to provide timely, impartial research and analysis on key issues facing Philadelphia for the benefit of the city’s citizens and leaders.

Prior to arriving at Pew in November 2008, Eichel was a reporter and editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he covered issues ranging from urban affairs to national politics, including the 2008 presidential campaign. A former foreign correspondent, national correspondent and op-ed columnist, he has written in-depth series on Philadelphia’s tax burden and on the transformation of public housing in the city.  From 2002 to 2006, Eichel was also adjunct professor at Temple University, where he taught courses in journalism.

The author of two books - “For Those Still at Sea,” (The Dial Press) and “The Harvard Strike” (Houghton Mifflin.) - Eichel has won numerous journalism awards, including the National Sigma Delta Chi Award for coverage of the 1984 presidential campaign and National Headliners Award for coverage of the 1985 MOVE disaster in Philadelphia. Eichel graduated Magna cum Laude from Harvard University with a bachelor of arts in government.

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  • Residential Building Permits Issued in Philadelphia

    In 2014, building permits were issued for more residential units than in any year since at least 1990—3,973 of them, with a total estimated value of $879 million. Robust construction activity can be an indicator of economic growth and revitalization in areas where it takes place. But in a recent Pew poll, some residents expressed concern about gentrification and the property-tax abatement... Read More

  • Homicide Rate in Philadelphia and Comparable Cities

    The rate of homicides in Philadelphia was 16 per 100,000 residents in 2014, down from 21.6 in 2012. Compared with nine other cities with similar demographic and economic makeups, Philly fell in the middle. It was also one of the five cities with rates that have dropped since 2012. A city's homicide rate is just one measure of public safety; in the last several years, the number of all major... Read More

  • Philadelphia 2015: The State of the City

    This report is a comprehensive look at Philadelphia by the numbers. It examines key indicators of the city’s condition—including jobs, public safety, education, housing, government, and transportation—and features select results from Pew’s most recent citywide poll. Although many of the statistics show that Philadelphia is moving in a positive direction, the analysis... Read More

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