Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan for a Community in Albany, Georgia

Albany, Georgia
Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, Georgia Institute of Technology; Georgia Department of Public Health

The Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development at the Georgia Institute of Technology, along with the Georgia Department of Public Health, conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) of the redevelopment of McIntosh Homes, a public housing project in Albany, Georgia. The redevelopment plan for McIntosh Homes was developed by the Albany Housing Authority (AHA) through a grant provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Choice Neighborhood Program. The HIA provided AHA with additional data, resources, stakeholder input, and recommendations to consider health in a more explicit way. The report recommended improving the Albany Housing Authority, including developing more nonprofit community health facilities, putting smoke-free policies in place for properties, and creating a community garden.


As a result of the HIA, a health center was established in the adjacent high school and the Albany Housing Authority put a smoke-free policy in place inside all public housing apartments.

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