Lessons Learned

All of Pew’s projects begin with sound planning and rigorous design. This process is ongoing and includes engaging experts from inside and outside the organization. 

Once a project is approved and implemented, its progress is continuously tracked by project staff and reviewed each year by Pew’s board and senior leadership. This annual reassessment provides our staff with an opportunity to reflect on the progress of their work and either reaffirm or revise their objectives, strategies, milestones, and timelines. 

Strategic plans are not carved in stone, nor are they useful if left on the shelf. As such, annual plans are an important means of keeping strategies up to date and responsive to what is being learned through implementation in the field. Impact is measured through a rigorous and independent evaluation of the overall program to assess its return on investment and inform decisions about next steps, including changing the methodology and goals of the project or choosing not to move forward.

We report regularly on our experience in Trust magazine and online. Recent reviews include:

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Corrections Policy

A look at Pew's work in sentencing and corrections reform.

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