Statement from the Workshop on the Reform of EU's Common Fisheries Policy and Small-Scale Fisheries Paving the way to sustainable livelihoods and thriving fishing communities



We, participants from 7 countries, representing diverse small-scale fishing interests, NGOs, scientists and others, meeting in Brussels on Monday September 28, 2009 at the workshop on Common Fisheries Policy Reform in the European Union and Small-Scale Fisheries:

Stating our commitment to the sustainable use of fish stocks and of the wider aquatic and coastal environment; 

Emphasising that small-scale fisheries represent the overwhelming majority of fishing activities in all EU Member States; provide the most employment; are highly adaptable; lend themselves readily to integration into the diversity of regional particularities across Europe; and

Declaring that if given fair treatment and due recognition, our sector can be viable, sustainable, and with a promising future;

Call on the DG Mare of the European Commission, on the European Parliament, on the Council of Ministers, on the Fishing Industry representatives, on the Trade Unions, on NGOs, on scientists, and on National and Regional Fisheries Authorities to...

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